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“I thought it was very informative,” said Bobbi Williams, 12. “Cyberbullying is a big thing now, and technology is a major thing in kids’ lives.” 


Lin & Margo Dawson operate a non-profit organization, JH Sampson Community Development Center, Inc., based out of Eastern North Carolina.  The mission is to Restore broken lives, Rebuild community, and Reclaim our Future.  (JH Sampson CDC) exists to address critical social issues such as economic stimulation, education, violence prevention, and career development.

We target Kinston, North Carolina, Lin's hometown, which was cited as being one of the topmost economically distressed tracts in North Carolina, which is calculated by the poverty rate, per capita income, and unemployment according to the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The estimated household income in Kinston is $25,080 versus $43,674/state. 

In 2013, Lin Dawson launched a Boys Leadership Mentoring Academy at Holloway Recreation Center for males in middle and high school. With the help of retired male educators and volunteers, the program offered tutoring, computer technology, fitness, life skills, and strategies prevent violence, increase achievement, and build community pride.

The old JH Sampson Elementary School was opened to host, the 2014 Coley Little STEM Camp directed by Margo Dawson.  The camp was named after Lin's mentor and coach, the legendary Coley Little. The goal was to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to children.  What followed included:


2015 Jr. Golf Clinic

2015 Food Master Science, Technology, & Literacy Camp                                                                                                       

 2016  NASA Training and Collaboration

2016 NASA-based curriculum, Water on Earth & Mars                                                                             

2015 Saturday Boys Academy & Lenoir Community Garden Program 

2015 Lin Dawson, facilitates a Safer Schools and Communities Forum to address gang violence and bullying.  Panelist represented the Deputy Commissioner for Juvenile Justice, Communities in Schools, Governor’s Task Force, Chief Court Counselor, Judicial District Manager, Lenoir County Public Schools, and Kinston Department of Public Safety 
2015 Program leaders accompanied the Kinston Police Department with local community groups to share safety tips with local Housing Project              2016  JH Sampson CDC is awarded a State Employee Credit Union Teaching Fellow - East Carolina University

2016 Girls in Science & Technology College & Career Luncheon/Tour at North Carolina A&T University 

2014-2016 Health & Wellness Education, Anatomy and Yoga by Jelyse Dawson                                                                      

2017 Academic Portfolio Pre-College Seminar Series sponsored by PNC Bank

2017 JH Sampson CDC is awarded a State Employee Credit Union Public Fellow - East Carolina University                                                                      

2017 North Carolina State University Forensic Science Collaboration 

2017 NASA Training

2017 4th Annual STEM Camp - Exploring the Solar Eclipse

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